Is there anything like a �perfect� job? Read on to see if this fits your bill:
•  A job that is not only different, but which makes a difference, to the growth and development of the country, to businesses and to local communities.
Where you help create employment for local youth in their own place, thus checking migration.
You are part of a team which will lead the organisation to the next level of growth, with massive expansion plans.
Where your colleagues are simple, hardworking and committed people with whom you can forge lifelong relationships.
A job that brings out the true leader in you, where people look up to you as a mentor and role model.
Be a part of something innovative, socially relevant, modern yet grounded to the roots, with a huge potential to scale up.
Brings out the entrepreneur in you, challenges� you every day, brings you new responsibilities, puts you in control, makes you think on your feet and take critical decisions.
A job where the quality of life and peace of mind are as important as the numbers you chase.
The locations and the team you work with itself ensures that it is achieved, and the sense of giving back to the society and contributing to a cause through your work gives you the satisfaction that few other jobs can provide.
Away from the concrete jungles that you have always worked in, but in the serene and tranquil locations nestled in the hills.
B2R is now looking to expand the management team in line with upcoming projects and scale-up plans and is now looking for committed individuals. To view the current openings click here.