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Social Dimension

The successful integration of the social goals in our business strategy to create sustainable rural livelihood has resulted in social impact across 150+ villages clustered around our six delivery locations. Independent studies have been done to capture measurable and qualitative aspects of these changes.

● Economic Return: The most significant positive impact of B2R is the economic return accruing to the youth as a result of gaining employment in the company by significantly enhancing the average household income.

● Reversing local migration: Another noteworthy trend is reverse local migration. Prior to joining B2R, financial pressures coupled with the lure of corporate life attracted several young men to neighboring towns and cities even though these were typically low paying, dissatisfied jobs. These youngsters now see a reason to stay back in their villages and even return from nearby towns, thanks to the opportunities available at B2R.

● Shifting of girls’ marriage age: A clear shift in the marriage ages of the girls employed at B2R can be seen. The job at B2R has enabled these girls to be seen as valuable economic contributors to the family.

● Transforming Lives: Several employees have expressed how their lives have transformed for the better since they began working at B2R. For some, simply the routine of coming to work every day has made them more disciplined, responsible individuals who now command greater respect at home.

● Local Economic Development: B2R is also spurring local economic development in the villages where its centres are located. The company’s secondary research estimates that for every one person directly impacted by employment, at least four others are benefiting indirectly.

● Community Development: B2R is continuously exploring opportunities to leverage its expertise and infrastructure to engage in social and community development initiatives. Towards this end, the company has formed Village Advisory Committees with representation from the community, partner NGO (CHIRAG) & B2R representatives, who are involved in various community development activities: from setting up community resource centres (library, internet kiosks), supporting garbage-cleaning drives to practice & educate on cleanliness, recycling and hygiene, to co-organizing a half-marathon to encourage physical activity & sports in rural youth.

● Gender Equity: To pursue improvement in gender parity, B2R has always had a gender mix with more than 50% women in the team. Over the past 12 years B2R has created not just businessimpact for its customers but significant social impact in its areas of operation.