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B2R Value Proposition

  • Innovative Delivery Model

B2R runs four delivery centers in rural Uttarakhand (UKD) in  India and one partner center in Mexico. Each of these is a fit-  for-purpose micro-center that supports a 50 –100 seat  operation. We deliver world class BPO services to challenging  SLAs of our customers worldwide while keeping tight control  over costs and attrition.

  • Experienced Senior Management Team

B2R Management team today is a repository of over 150 years  of global BPO experience. As a thirteen year old team we have  guided B2R through financial breakeven to net profit now to  sustained profits. We work well with each other and with our  delivery team bringing positive business value to our  customers.

  • Beyond Service Excellence, Technology Partnerships  powering Business Transformation Services

B2R’s Technology, Automation & Platform led approach helps  automate, optimize or reengineer client processes in flexible  gainsharing models. Our technology partnerships with Alegion,  RPATech & Google Cloud integrate Robotic Process Automation  and Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Platforms to engineer  digital transformations.

  • Process Methodology and Project Control

B2R follows a tight process definition and relies on a proven  learning methodology and a defined transition to undertake  work with clients. We today deliver service worldwide from  rural India and Mexico.

  • Value-Value-Value

We are a for profit social enterprise that has delivered to exacting  SLAs to our customers. Customers get the quantum and quality  of delivery they want at a price point they love; our employee  base appreciates us for the jobs we create in their communities  and we have been able to start generating profits using this  unique model. There is value we create for the entire eco system.

  • Satisfied Customer Base

90% of our business follows a predictable pattern. Our repeat  business track record is an indicator of the success of our  customer engagement. We believe we can deliver the same  value to you too.