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Transition Management

B2R’s approach to migrate customer processes follows its established Business Process Migration Methodology. The methodology addresses the migration tasks in multiple phases ensuring that the solution is identified accurately and implemented with precision to ensure that client processes continue to meet the established performance standards.

The engagement starts from the point of agreement between both teams on the need for migration. B2R engages with the client to evaluate and assess which processes can be migrated as part of the Candidate Process Determination Phase. The following schematic shows the multiple phases and the basic deliverables of each phase:

Process Migration Methodology

For migrating work from clients, B2R’s standard methodology is:

1. Candidate Process Determination – Evaluate and access processes, identify processes for migration and considering associated attributes, risks and benefits.

2. Solution Design – Understanding the process and designing solution for operations delivery, Quality, training, technology and engaging with the client to workout protocols between teams related to the project.

3. Transition – Define structure for transitioning including train the trainer (TTT), signoff process for documentation, monitor On-Job-training including technical aspects of the project, hiring and training staff, implement technology solution and execute transition plan.

4. Service Delivery – To ensure smooth functioning of customer processes by monitoring and meeting Delivery SLA’s.

a. Pilot Phase – post training hand holding/shadowing, monitoring, feedback incorporation, calibration etc. to plug knowledge gaps between client/trainer and team

b. Steady State – Moving up the learning curve, achieving consistent quality and efficiency to meet defined benchmark.

In our experience, one of the key aspects of any transition is Project Management therefore tt is important to clearly define milestones, individual/team responsibilities and diligent tracking of tasks to ensure that the transition is seamless and successful.