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Why B2R

Commitment to impact sourcing

B2R is a pure-play ISSP in operation for eleven years, with  livelihood creation for rural youth as its purpose and vision, creating local jobs in a remote and  excluded region with very low economic activity, where only source of livelihood in mountainous  areas are subsistence agriculture and seasonal tourism. In such a region1, B2R’s rural BPO jobs  provide a credible alternative to mitigate migration of local rural youth from the hills. B2R’s  employing >50% women leads to greater gender equity, and women taking on more empowered  roles in society and at home.

B2R’s blended business model helps match corporate values for organizations, and B2R has also  played a role in influencing buyer-behavior towards greater IS involvement and spread.

Business Transformation Services powered by Technology Partnerships

B2R’s  Technology, Automation & Platform led approach powers the automation, optimization or  reengineering of client processes in flexible gainsharing models. Our technology partnerships  integrate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Platforms  to engineer digital transformations.

Relentless performance in value chain

B2Rs model keeps costs down for customers, create  employment in areas where the need for jobs is greatest, generate profits by doing things differently  and efficiently. This unique Win-Win-Win model ensures that our business is NOT a zero sum  game. No one loses to have someone else win. We simply expand the scope of business and  deliver value across the entire value chain.

Well defined process methodology and project control

The lifeline of a BPM company  is its ability to do repetitive tasks efficiently and deliver high quality output, with many elements to  make this happen. Hiring focused team members, training and keeping them motivated,  establishing well defined processes and procedures, consistently benchmarking ourselves and  making course corrections, winning business from across the world. We have done each of these and more in order to stay ahead, it would be no exaggeration to say that B2R is a pioneering Impact Sourcing company.

Proof of the pudding

Satisfied customers in small, medium as well as Fortune 500, customers  who have grown business with us, some who started shifting their work from other low cost  geographies back to India.