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B2R Model

B2R follows a strategy that reflects the triple bottom-line approach ofofferingcost advantage and livelihood creation with a low carbon footprint.Clusters of rural delivery centres in a hub-and-spoke model of relatively small size are set up on the principle of decentralized self-reliant service centres and centralized work distribution and aggregation.

Each such centre is a fit-for-purpose micro-centre with strength of 50 to 100 staff, equipped with technology that is comparable to urban delivery centres and powered by a combination of optic fibre and last-mile wireless (radio frequency) technology. Atpresent,four rural BPO delivery centres operate in India and a partner-location in Yucatan State of Mexico, employing close to 400 employees and impactinglives in about 135 villages.

B2R’s Technology, Automation & Platform-led approach helps automate, optimize or reengineer client processes in flexible gainsharing models. Its technology partnerships integrate Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence-Machine Learning Platforms to engineer digital transformations. It has established expertise in select Verticals/ Domains, identifying niche service segments and partners with domain-specific “anchor” customers/domain-experts.

Different commercial engagement models are offered flexibly to clients, adapting to nature of their business, quantum of work& business seasonality – Input/FTE Based models, where pricing is directly and linearly linked to headcount or Transaction/Output-based linked to volumes processed.

A dedicated Centre of Excellence is also offered which is customized to a client’s needs for a specific business area, such that the client ‘owns’ the micro-centre for long-term engagement, exclusively driving the knowledge management as well as security aspects of control and access. At present, three such dedicated centres of excellence are in operation: two for a Fortune 500 company for Specialized Publishing work; a third centre functions as an Accounting back office for a large KPO (for US SME customers).

With quality and standardization being core differentiators, B2R centres conform to the necessary ISO certification requirements as well as additional certification(s) based on scale of operations and specific client requirements.

A remarkable set of people make this unique, innovative initiative operate at the highest efficiencies in the most unlikely of conditions. The B2R Management team today is a repository of over 150 years of global BPO experience. Interview processes involve local NGOs for local sensitivity and newly hired employees go through a socially-sensitive customized 60-110 day boot-camp like training process where, in addition to technical skills, they are imparted behavioural/life skills, such as living the B2R values, social norms and quality imperatives. Ongoing learning modules are designed in line with process and client requirement, following IGNITE principles of facilitation. Following the 1-in-6 principle, out of every six units of time spent working is invested in an individual’s development.

B2R’s model keeps costs down for customers, creates employment in areas where the need for income-generation is greatest, generates profits by doing things differently and efficiently. This unique Win-Win-Win model ensures that our business is not a zero sum game, i.e. no one loses to someone’s win.

Demand for BPO services is continuously evolving and making the case for impact sourcing requires additional flexibility. The post-COVID dynamics have also impact client expectations; B2R is constantly evolving its strategy in line with these changes and creating innovative best practices that reflect an agility unique to an enterprise that has been breaking new ground since its inception. For instance, a new earn-while-you-learn initiative offers college students the opportunity to work flexi-hours on specific projects, honing their skills that prepare them for the market and earning while they are still students.

For-profit social enterprise delivering high quality BPM services

Customer Focus

  • Vertical focus by building domain-specific competency
  • Committed anchor clients in verticals of choice
  • Moving up the value chain

Execution Focus

  • Experienced management team
  • Greater operational efficiencies through innovative business model & productivity focus
  • Robust and secure technology backbone, Information Security
  • Talent management, Learning & Development, retention strategies in place
  • Preferential access to talent & low-cost structures through strong community connect

Sustainable livelihood creation for rural youth

Social Impact

  • Direct impact to household family incomes
  • Indirect trickle down impact to local economic ecosystem
  • Women taking on empowered roles
  • Enhanced confidence of youth and perception of youth in community
  • Local employability and reduction of migration to urban centers
  • …steady growth in scale & employment of rural youth

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